August 2016

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 and Badland Liven PC & Android Humble Bundle 14

Starting the month of July today, Humble Bundle again offer some interesting Android game and PC incorporated in deals PC & Android Humble Bundle offers 14. Still the same as last year, you had the opportunity to obtain the games released on the Android platform and the PC in a super price Cheap passing PC & Android Humble Bundle’s fourteenth and visit .


You can get eight combinations Android and PC games with a total value of US $ 117 (approximately 1.5 million) divided into three types of deals. For manifold deals Pay What You Want, you can get three games like 100000000, Badland, and Spacecom to pay any up to you.

When you redeem the average nominal value of all payments made buyers PC & Android Humble Bundle 14, then you will get the third last game as well as some additional games as follows:

Suppose you have more money, you can buy the highest nominal of PC & Android Humble Bundle 14 for US $ 8.5 (about Rp112.000). Through this offer, you will find all the games that have been described earlier the following two additional games, namely Desktop Dungeon and the Knights of Pen & Paper 2.

As always, you are free to determine the distribution of the overall amount of money that you pay to buy the Humble Bundle, whether that be to a charity or to a party game developers directly. So while you have fun playing games and hoards Your collection of game titles on Android and PC, you also do good at the same time to multiply the reward you in this holy month.

Pokémon Go is the Great Achievement in World Augmented Reality

Go Pokémon has become a meme. The game, which will make exploring the real world to hunt Pokémon, Pokémon appear to have been present in places that do not deserve (although it was difficult to ensure the correctness of this information).

The existence of people who find Pokémon in a variety of places that reinforces the popularity of this game, all thanks to the presence of Pokémon in the real world through the smartphone’s camera and get pokemon go pokeball free.


However, the greatest significance of Pokémon Go is a possibility that the game is the application of Augmented Reality (AR) popular throughout history, and make AR becoming a mainstream technology.

But wait, is not through Snapchat Snapchat popularized AR Lens? Sure, but Snapchat Lens is a feature, not the foundation of the application. And is not Ingress, AR-based games more, released before the Pokémon Go? Yes, but the game was never as popular as Pokémon Go.

According to data from app analytics firm App Annie, Ingress just never entered into the list of 50 most popular apps on iOS before thrown out afterwards. On the other hand, Pokémon Go into the application number one in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand in just a few days after the official release.

This was not a fluke. Both Ingress and Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic Labs which was once a part of Google. Experience they have gained while developing Ingress definitely been transferred to make subsequent works. Pokémon itself is a cultural phenomenon and a very famous brand thus help support the popularity of Pokémon Go.
Still have a long way

Go Pokémon still haunted by various constraints. Niantic Labs delay the launch of the game in some countries, apparently because they have not been able to accommodate the booming server load.

Medicinal Plants joint pain

These joints have a few points on the bone will experience pain. Here are some points that will be the occurrence of pain in the joints. At the knees, shoulders, legs, back, waist, neck, and heel. Pain in the joints of this has another name, which is a lot and can be incorporated into several categories. Calcification of bone, joint pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis or rheumatoid disease. These joints must relate in the bones of the body. the bones, the very important role at all for the body, as a weight-bearing, so as not to fall and get joint pain relief codes

Joint Pain Relief Codes 4

Medicinal plants with joint pain can take medication made from plants or plant. Which plant or plants, would surely experience the workmanship is very good, because it is made from herbal ingredients, with no preservatives in it. You can also use other means, for ailing joints. Examples such as using a cream that is used specifically to address or treat joint pain or pain.
Medicinal plants joint pain

Treating pain in the joints, can be practically easy to overcome. Which can cope with medicinal plants potent joint pain.

Black soya beans

Surely you when you hear the word soy, the minds of you, making sure the beans and tempeh. It is true, manufacture nuts and tempeh is made from soybeans. But not only that material which can be used with black soya beans, there are other things that you need to know. Joint pain medicinal plants appeared to be wearing a black soya beans. Sure, a lot of people who do not know, if soybeans can be used for joint pain, eating here, we membertitahunya, if you read this article. The construction is also very easy way anyway, which is simply boiled, but remember before boiling them, should always clean the material to be boiled. Because the bacteria would still stick to the material.

Fragrant pandan leaves

Pandan leaves give the impression that fragrant aroma if used for serving food. Food most cooked using pandanus leaves is a dinghy. Surely you know, like what’s dinghy. For Muslims, this dinghy is usually most prevalent, when Ramadan arrived. Medicinal plants have joint pain can also fragrant pandan leaves. Which means use by boiling, in the usual way. If so, drinking water pandan leaves. This method is very effective and safe, and many have used it. With the issue of cleanliness of the body, you can also use this pandan leaves, for underarm odor caused by the sweat sweat on your body. Although just a pain in the joints, do not underestimate this disease. This disease gets worse, without you know.

dandelion leaves

The dandelion leaves, very rarely use it. especially for health problems. Do not hesitate, if the material is not used at all, or are not yet known for the solution of disease problems. Because it can be from the infamous be terkenl. Just as the dandelion leaves, which has a million benefits. Preventing cancer and mengelurkan toxins that nested in the body, can by drinking dandelion leaves. Joint pain and medicinal plants was also able with this dandelion leaves, and indeed menajubkan dandelion leaves. If you do not know what kind of shape. We love to know, the shape of these plants, such as flowers, the bright yellow flowers, like sunflowers, whose leaves are rich papaya.