January 2017

Back Fire Maker Ubisoft Assassin's Creed

Destiny, this might be the right word to describe what happened to the figure of Patrice Desilets. Designers and gave birth to the concept that sparked one of the most popular open-world franchise – Assassin’s Creed is indeed trapped in a web of unique fate. Gave birth to the first two series Assassin’s Creed, and finally decided to come out of Ubisoft in 2010 ago, Desilets finally decided to join THQ Montreal. But fate would. Destroyed by an acute financial crisis, the ownership of THQ Montreal finally falling into the hands of Ubisoft. Things Desilets eventually led to the return to the “old house” of his. Unfortunately, this story does not end beautifully madden mobile hacks.


Back to his old home and gave birth to one of its major role frachise-selling Ubisoft’s Patrice Desilets is supposed to be one of the most important assets Ubisoft today. Unfortunately, the differences are displayed both seems just never come to fruition. Through an official statement, Ubisoft announced that Desilets chose to resign after a difference of vision will be central projects they develop. A statement finally “countered” by Desilets himself. Through the agent, Desilets stated that he fired in a way that was not pleasant and instead resign. He claimed dragged by two security people directly out of the building, without explanation and without a chance to say goodbye to his own team. For this reason, he will fight to defend jak, teams, and games that the center he developed.