Bayonetta 2 Confirmed – Exclusive Nintendo Wii-U

With his black hair was charming and magical abilities were amazing, Bayonetta is born of the cold hands of Platinum Games did manage to record his name in the world of gaming industry. With stylish hack and slash gameplay and story is comparatively good, Bayonetta was even paired gaining prominence as the “big brother” of Dante, the main character of Devil May Cry. But despite the success he achieved, Platinum and Sega never seen intend to make it an ongoing franchise, although many gamers who want it, at least until Nintendo began to introduce the Nintendo Wii-U. Absolutely, Bayonetta 2 is finally confirmed!


This is good news and bad for gamers worldwide. Good news, sensual witch figure this one is ready to fight back in the action that was certainly spoil the gamers. The bad news? He would not appear again as a multi-platform game like old times. Sega has confirmed that Bayonetta 2 will be released exclusively for Nintendo’s latest console Wii-U. Atsushi Inaba (Okami) and Yusuke Hashimoto (Bayonetta 1) will be the one who is responsible for presenting this latest sequel. There is no clarity about the release date for her and visit clash of clans hack online.
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Take and make Bayonetta 2 as a secret weapon to increase the popularity of the Nintendo Wii-U is to be recognized as a pretty good strategy from Nintendo. He would be an extra reason to attract gamers who previously skeptical, as well as reinforce the direction the market share of Nintendo which is now no longer just focus on the family as in the past. As a gamer who loved Bayonetta, this would be a severe enough blow to me personally. How come? A series that you enjoy now the exclusive series on a console that you might not consider in the future. It’s killing us!


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