EA to introduce 6 new games on E3 2014 including Madden Mobile

One of the biggest publishers in the gaming industry, this one sentence does not seem to be worthy of being earned by Electronic Arts. Apart from the various criticisms and hate that arise from the acquisition of leading developers of the past which is potentially deadly franchise, Madden Mobile EA still must be recognized is one publisher who diligently gave birth to a decent quality game series to anticipate. With the big developers under their care, consistent EA triggered a huge wave of enthusiasm when performing on the main stage of E3 event, every year. In 2014 this will not be much different.


Certainty appear on the main stage is already sliding for a long time. However, the question now is of course directed to one thing: What will EA prepare to ensure the attention of the gamer who continues to go? According to Geoff Keighley of Spike TV, the responsibility will be borne by 6 new games.

Most likely this event will contain more details regarding other EA ambitious projects such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Sims 4, Madden Mobile coin hack , and of course – Mirror’s Edge 2. The introduction of this new game will also include a new project and a mysterious IP Which is still in the development process, all of which will go into a special event titled “EA World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview”.

What about you? Of all the EA projects under development, which games do you most anticipate?

Steam Machine version of Alienware Ready to Roll September

A gaming ecosystem are qualified, this seems to be a dream when Valve announced trilogy their spearhead to enter the hardware market: Steam Machine, Steam OS, and of course – Steam Controller.

This revolutionary concept continues to gain tremendous support from various parties, including PC manufacturers who are given the opportunity by Valve openly by Valve, to take part. The result? More than 14 giant manufacturers introduce their Steam Machine respectively, with the design, performance, and price range which of course, vary. But of all these producers, one of the most popular manufacturers – Alienware became the most mysterious. Besides introducing Steam Machine design their shape, almost no information that could be drawn from the name of this one.
Being one of the most mysterious Steam Machine, Alienware finally share a bit of information related to their products. Release is planned for September 2014, he will also be strengthened combination and get roblox hack you can Go to .


Luckily, Valve’s Dev Days event that was organized to give a little insight about the design of Alienware’s Steam Machine. In a presentation, Alienware Steam Machine finally confirmed that their version will be ready in September 2014. The price alone will be offered on a competitive basis with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, about USD 500. There are no detailed specification that is informed, in addition to the combination of NVIDIA graphics and Intel CPU as its core strength, of course dengna custom motherboard from Alienware.

So for you who are more interested in buying Steam Machine from Alienware, make sure you save in advance until September 2014. Interested?

Developer Alien: Resident Evil Now Similar Gears of War!

Divide fans into two camps are contradictory, the direction taken Capcom’s survival horror game franchise flagship – Resident Evil indeed is often caused controversy. The new fan base seems to be quite satisfied with the direction that leads to the mechanical side of the action, while those who enjoyed since the early series were quite disappointed with the direction the development is considered deviant. This feeling was not only felt by the older Resident Evil fan base. One game developers that are currently in the spotlight thanks to a new project – Alien: Isolation even loudly highlighting these drastic changes and get GTA 5 hack on .


Creative Assembly is a party that is responsible for the horror game series Alien – Isolation lamented the popularity of survival horror which, according to them, has declined. Confessing inspired many of the initial series Dead Space and Resident Evil, the director – Alistair Hope felt that both the franchise itself has begun to change identity, and even feels more like a game than the game GTA 5.

Of pure inspiration and fascination of this horror genre, Creative Assembly are trying to build their newest game – Aliens: Isolation. The game itself will be launched end of 2014, for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

The Sims 4 Will Be More Light Than The Sims 3

If we are talking about one game franchise netted countless fans of diverse groups of gamers and gender, then the big names The Sims certainly deserves to be juxtaposed in it. Simulating real life with addictive gameplay mechanics, The Sims grow up to be the best money barn EA, with the presence of each series that always end with success. Not only the original series, but also a myriad of expansion packs with different themes that came a few months later. Not surprisingly, many gamers were anticipating the presence of the new series – The Sims 4 that has been introduced by EA at Gamescom 2013 that last event. A series that will be far more friendly to gamers who have to live with low-end PC and you can visit .


Most of you who saw the trailer premiere of The Sims 4 is certainly aware that the level of visualization offered did not experience a significant increase when compared to The Sims 3. Apart from adding new gameplay features that emphasize more on the emotional side, The Sims 4 still present with a subtle quality cartoon graphics. What actually underlies this decision? What was revealed by the developer – Maxis apparently enough to give you peace of its own.
To facilitate the needs of gamers en masse lovers The Sims, Maxis confirms that The Sims 4 will require a lower specification PCs dibandingkna The Sims 3. Players with Low-End PC will be able to run with ease.

Ryan Vaughn – producer of The Sims 4 states that The Sims 4 will be a series that is much more friendly to gamers who only has a PC with lower specifications. The Sims 4 will require a lower specification compared to The Sims 3, but with a better claims experience. Vaughn explains that Maxis to understand that not all gamers have a PC with strong capability, therefore they strive to ensure optimization they are doing today will achieve its main objectives. Maxis will try to produce a visualization that is as good, shorten loading times, and still fun regardless of PC specifications like anything you have. The Sims 4 itself will be launched for PC and Mac in 2014.

What about your own opinion, especially for those who really love The Sims series so far? Which do you want, an increase in better visualization of The Sims 3 or The Sims 4 engine optimization or even like this?

Back Fire Maker Ubisoft Assassin's Creed

Destiny, this might be the right word to describe what happened to the figure of Patrice Desilets. Designers and gave birth to the concept that sparked one of the most popular open-world franchise – Assassin’s Creed is indeed trapped in a web of unique fate. Gave birth to the first two series Assassin’s Creed, and finally decided to come out of Ubisoft in 2010 ago, Desilets finally decided to join THQ Montreal. But fate would. Destroyed by an acute financial crisis, the ownership of THQ Montreal finally falling into the hands of Ubisoft. Things Desilets eventually led to the return to the “old house” of his. Unfortunately, this story does not end beautifully madden mobile hacks.


Back to his old home and gave birth to one of its major role frachise-selling Ubisoft’s Patrice Desilets is supposed to be one of the most important assets Ubisoft today. Unfortunately, the differences are displayed both seems just never come to fruition. Through an official statement, Ubisoft announced that Desilets chose to resign after a difference of vision will be central projects they develop. A statement finally “countered” by Desilets himself. Through the agent, Desilets stated that he fired in a way that was not pleasant and instead resign. He claimed dragged by two security people directly out of the building, without explanation and without a chance to say goodbye to his own team. For this reason, he will fight to defend jak, teams, and games that the center he developed.

COD: Black Ops II Zombie Presents Campaign Mode?

FPS ombie and now seemed to have become two entities that can not be separated. Holding a gun and kill the enemy soldiers may be unpleasant, but not as good as the adrenaline rush that is raised by destroying the undead this. It also applies to the most popular FPS franchise today – Call of Duty is also presenting this mode after the success of a similar concept in Call of Duty: World at War. What about the latest series – Black Ops II is scheduled to be released at the end of this year? As predicted earlier, the zombie mode will still be present in this series. The good news? He was even rumored to be present in the form of campaign mode and visit madden mobile hack.


Activision did not provide any further details other than final confirmation related to zombie mode on this one. But listings are released for shopping sites – Amazon help give some idea. Unlike the zombie-mode in the previous COD series is only in the form of mini-games, COD: Black Ops 2 rumored would take a higher level – to include the undead hunt for campaign mode. Not yet clear format as that would be presented to him, but some of the rumors believe the presence of New Game + mode that transforms enemies into zombies.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition Inaugurated - Use Frostbite 2.0

Do you remember the news Dragon Age III which was released a few weeks ago? Bioware openly admit that they are developing the third series of their popular RPG franchise – Dragon Age. They even had time to open the opportunity for the public to determine the sub-title that will be presented to him. You will act as a prosecutor who will mediate the conflict in Thedas, after the invasion made by the devil. After the first confirmation of this, Bioware has finally released more information regarding Dragon Age 3, including sub-title that finally set for him and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle cheats.


Of all the options thrown to the public, Bioware finally get the official title for the third series – Dragon Age III: Inquisition. Some also shared the latest information, including the planned release date in late 2013. The team that developed the Dragon Age III is also largely a genius behind the two previous series, the veterans of Bioware itself. No confirmation as to what the plot will be presented, but there is a quality that will make Dragon Age III is attractive, especially for PC gamers. That’s right, EA will use a powerful engine from DICE – Frostbite 2.0 to build this one game.

Some of this initial information certainly makes Dragon Age III into a series that deserves to be anticipated, let alone the presence of Frostbite 2.0 is a guarantee of quality for a much better visualization. Although the end of 2013 still comparatively long time, Bioware has a myriad of heavy work to be completed, mainly related to the mechanism of gameplay Dragon Age II were deemed too action. Are they going back to the roots of the first Dragon Age or retaining the characteristic of the second series are getting a lot of criticism? We’ll wait.

Unique Gameplay Rovio Indicate Bad Piggies

With only a few series of Angry Birds, Rovio successfully grown to be one of the largest mobile game developer in the world. Popularity of the angry birds have been brought Rovio earned a remarkable position in the gaming industry without any sign of stopping in the near future. They will instead expand the Angry Birds world by releasing a series of new games – Bad Piggies. Unlike the previous series, this time gamers will play as the green pigs who has always positioned to be a “victim”. You will now be involved in the mission of “holy” stealing the eggs of birds. Then, gameplay like what is offered?


Worry if you will again find catapult this latest game in the series? Relax, Bad Piggies will appear as a different game, and even tends contrasted than Angry Birds itself. If the concept of Angry Birds is how to destroy effectively, Bad Piggies will require you to build and run it well. Absolutely, you will help the pigs steal eggs by building the best vehicle for them, from walking on land to the air though. Some parts will be provided to help you realize your wildest creativity this and get nba live mobile hack.

Bad Piggies itself will be Released on September 27, 2012 for iOS and Android devices, Windows Phone and PC follow thereafter. Not only make it as a mere spin-off series, Rovio also express their commitment that Bad Piggies will be able to stand on its own and grow as the mainstay of their new franchise. With different gameplay comparatively attractive, Bad Piggies is a potentially attractive back casual gaming market is still wide open. Interested to try it?

Shin Megami Tensei IV Get First Gameplay Trailer!

Of all the game JRPG spread in the gaming industry, a big name Shin Megami Tensei is a unique counted. He is known as one of the few titles that has always managed to provoke controversy, especially when it is adapted in the Western world. He often comes to the theme and setting of the game is dark, with the design of the characters and monsters that come out of myths, legends, and even religion. Because some of this, SMT often dlihat as an adult RPG game “heavy”. The new series – Shin Megami Tensei IV did not even seem to be much different.


Atlus is currently developing Shin Megami Tensei IV is scheduled to be released on the Nintendo 3DS next year. After being introduced through a few screenshots and trailer vague, Atlus has finally released the latest trailer that will help gamers get a clearer picture of this fourth series. This trailer shows a bit of gameplay, both exploration and the battle system itself. For those of you who are familiar with this franchise before, you will get the impression that is quite familiar, especially in the first-person battle system will be retained and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce.

Shin Megami Tensei presence back in the gaming industry would be good news, especially for those of us who yearn for a quality JRPG game. However, one major problem which should be noted, Atlus itself has not been confirmed will bring this new series to Western gamers. So if you are a gamer who wish this fourth series will be translated, please pray harder.

Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts Release Playstation 3

Where gamers who do not know the name of Kingdom Hearts, especially those who had enjoyed the heyday of the Playstation 2 in the past. He appeared as an action RPG franchise that is so unique, not just of gameplay on offer, but also the concept that combines the world of Final Fantasy and Disney. The concept is almost impossible was developed through several keyblade master, with Sora becomes the main focus. Some series have been released for multiple platforms and countless always achieve success is outstanding. After waiting long enough, Kingdom Hearts finally got pride console Sony – Playstation 3.


If you are a gamer (like us) who look forward to welcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, you seem to have to swallow disappointment deeper. Although it finally comes to Playstation 3, Square Enix did not prepare a new series or a sequel to her. Kingdom Hearts will drilis is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. From the title alone, you certainly can guess what he was trying to offer in it. Absolutely, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix is ​​a packaged collection of old games that was popular Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix HD Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. In addition to these two games, Square Enix will release a cut-scenes HD version of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days which was released on the Nintendo DS and visit clash of clans hack.

Instead of dreaming to enjoy Kingdom Hearts 3 in the near future, the decision not to include Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 2 in HD compilation itself countless absurd. Two old game and a cutscene video in HD, if you are interested in a combination like this? Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix itself is scheduled to be released in the year 2013, no definite date rils.