Mod Dark Souls 3 Tawarkan Mode First Person!

Dark Souls 3 is still a game with a very high degree of difficulty. It’s been a tradition of Dark Souls to torture you to death hours of animated playable characters, resulting from small things like falling from a high place to be burned dragon breath. However, what if all of these experiences made more personal, the way is shown from a first person perspective or First Person?


The idea was realized by fans of Dark Souls concurrently a modder named Zulliethewitch. Mod homemade move the third-person perspective that exist in Dark Souls 3 into First Person, as in FPS games. Previously, this modder also had to make a similar mod on Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. Speaking of loyalty of fans, this modder seems it has become true fans of this game series and  mobiusfinalfantasyhack !

Because this game is not actually designed to be shown in a first-person perspective, then there are some “disabled” when played. Disadvantages of the most visible is the glove that floated and not connected with the body of the character. Aside from these shortcomings, the mod is running very well, at the time of running or fighting. Even when fighting this viewpoint makes enemy attacks become more visible and you can more easily determine the timing when attacking.

DOTA 2 Now Offer Calibration Re-MMR

“What’s in a MMR?”, You may have heard this sentence one of the few players DOTA 2. However, it must be admitted or not, a strong association with the frequency of your victory scoring Matchmaking Rating this one is fairly represent skill like what you have , Pro players usually go with MMR 6000-8000, with a few special cases like the OG. Miracle can touch the figure of 9,000. While on the other hand, players who just tasted it for fun usually maintained a steady 2000-4000’s. You included gamers are not happy with your current MMR and often feel frustrated to see it? Good news for you, Valve finally opened the opportunity to re-calibrate your MMR and visit  walkingdeadroadtosurvivalhack .


After the strong demand during the past few weeks, Valve finally opened Battle Pass for DOTA 2, which also includes Compendium for giant tournament – The International this year. Valve ambition to break the record figure prize last year that had touched the figure of USD 18 million strong visible through a variety of levels of bonus offered at every level there is. When this story was written, figure prize has reached USD 2.7 million. The most interesting? They also offer a new game mode called queued “The International Ranked Queue”.

What is that? Unlike the Normal mode and regular Ranked Match, match one mode is only available for the Battle Pass holders only. This mode will have its own MMR and you can also take a variety of challenges. Cool again, you already completed more than 40 games in the fashion that this one will have the opportunity to replace your previous MMR if you are interested after the tournament The International completed later. Valve certainly hope this concept recalibration MMR will make the game International Ranked become much more serious and tense.

You are keen to re-calibrate MMR Battle Pass you can buy with a price range of Rp 130,000, – for level 1 and are also available for the bundle directly up to level 50 with a variety of existing advantages. Interested? Time to fight for your “new” MMR!

Capcom: Monster Hunter New for 2017

Seeing the success of Resident Evil 0 HD, Capcom plans to continue step in re-create all the Resident Evil games in the format of the current console. According to a statement issued by the President of Capcom, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, the success of Resident Evil 0 HD with sales reaching approximately 800 thousand copies in its last fiscal year, which ended on March 31, 2016, will be followed by the variety and Remaster remake of Resident Evil and visit .


This step according to Tsujimoto to welcome the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise. To that end, Capcom plans to release the PS4 and Xbox One version of Resident Evil 4 and 5. As for Resident Evil 2, Capcom is making a complete remake of Resident Evil 2, whose first starring Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy.

In addition to the restoration of the Resident Evil series, Capcom will release new titles added to Monster Hunter, which is slated to be sold two million copies. In addition, Capcom also has two other major game titles that still has not shown, with the planned sale of two million and four million copies. All games are set to be released this fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2017. Tsujimoto also add a title Monster Hunter here is not related to Monster Hunter Stories, which is an RPG in 3DS.

Namco Bandai Announces Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Exploit a franchise for a dozen years of existence is not easy, especially if it departs from an actual series includes stories that have been completed. But that does not mean the game publishers have no way to make it feel new and different in spite of this reality. Just look at what is done with the Namco Bandai Dragon Ball Xenoverse in 2015 ago that explored the theme of time travel. Through this concept, he managed to turn many iconic events in Dragon Ball and make it as “playing field” new. Yet in spite of this appeal, he brings the gameplay is not how good and it is easy to make sense of frustration. Criticism does not necessarily make a stop Namco Bandai and visit monsterlegendshackx


Namco Bandai has finally announced the existence of an advanced series – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Like the first series, he also will be the theme of the passage of time but the quality of the visuals that course better. Namco Bandai is promising a sequel series with the world’s largest and most detailed of all the Dragon Ball franchise has ever seen. You will meet with the city hub, system customization, features, and versatility that the new upgrade. They will share more details at E3 2016. RPG elements of the first series seems to keep going back here.

We own one of the gamers were quite disappointed with Xenoverse itself, especially on the RPG elements that make it a game that ended so exhausting and it took a long grinding process. Hopefully the problems we encountered in the first series did not continue here.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 itself is scheduled to be released in 2016 also, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Unfortunately, there is no definite date yet. You are interested?

Confirm Obsidian Pillars of Eternity 2

If you are one of those gamers Western RPG lovers of the past, hence the name of Pillars of Eternity is certainly something that you should not miss. We even did not hesitate to choose it as the best PC exclusive game for 2015 yesterday as the ability to mix a Obsidian RPG game that is not only solid but also fascinating from a variety of features, characters, and gameplay mechanics that exist. No wonder so many gamers who fell in love and hope that he can grow into a franchise with the series are present on a regular basis. A dream that seems to be realized in the near future and visit .


Confirm “indirect” is rolled from the mouth of the CEO Obsidian – Feargus Urquhar t in an interview with gaming site – Game Pressure. Urquhart openly admitted that they are still not officially announced Eternity 2 to the public, but it would be a strange thing if they do not admit that they are developing this game.

Like the first series, Obsidian plans to bring it to a la Kickstarter funding site and he was quite optimistic that the project will be supported by the fans. Interestingly again? In the same interview, he also admitted that the Obsidian also has a new game based on Unreal Engine which has not been made public.

How about you? How many of you who have played Pillars of Eternity and are interested in a series of advanced?

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 and Badland Liven PC & Android Humble Bundle 14

Starting the month of July today, Humble Bundle again offer some interesting Android game and PC incorporated in deals PC & Android Humble Bundle offers 14. Still the same as last year, you had the opportunity to obtain the games released on the Android platform and the PC in a super price Cheap passing PC & Android Humble Bundle’s fourteenth and visit .


You can get eight combinations Android and PC games with a total value of US $ 117 (approximately 1.5 million) divided into three types of deals. For manifold deals Pay What You Want, you can get three games like 100000000, Badland, and Spacecom to pay any up to you.

When you redeem the average nominal value of all payments made buyers PC & Android Humble Bundle 14, then you will get the third last game as well as some additional games as follows:

Suppose you have more money, you can buy the highest nominal of PC & Android Humble Bundle 14 for US $ 8.5 (about Rp112.000). Through this offer, you will find all the games that have been described earlier the following two additional games, namely Desktop Dungeon and the Knights of Pen & Paper 2.

As always, you are free to determine the distribution of the overall amount of money that you pay to buy the Humble Bundle, whether that be to a charity or to a party game developers directly. So while you have fun playing games and hoards Your collection of game titles on Android and PC, you also do good at the same time to multiply the reward you in this holy month.

Pokémon Go is the Great Achievement in World Augmented Reality

Go Pokémon has become a meme. The game, which will make exploring the real world to hunt Pokémon, Pokémon appear to have been present in places that do not deserve (although it was difficult to ensure the correctness of this information).

The existence of people who find Pokémon in a variety of places that reinforces the popularity of this game, all thanks to the presence of Pokémon in the real world through the smartphone’s camera and get pokemon go pokeball free.


However, the greatest significance of Pokémon Go is a possibility that the game is the application of Augmented Reality (AR) popular throughout history, and make AR becoming a mainstream technology.

But wait, is not through Snapchat Snapchat popularized AR Lens? Sure, but Snapchat Lens is a feature, not the foundation of the application. And is not Ingress, AR-based games more, released before the Pokémon Go? Yes, but the game was never as popular as Pokémon Go.

According to data from app analytics firm App Annie, Ingress just never entered into the list of 50 most popular apps on iOS before thrown out afterwards. On the other hand, Pokémon Go into the application number one in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand in just a few days after the official release.

This was not a fluke. Both Ingress and Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic Labs which was once a part of Google. Experience they have gained while developing Ingress definitely been transferred to make subsequent works. Pokémon itself is a cultural phenomenon and a very famous brand thus help support the popularity of Pokémon Go.
Still have a long way

Go Pokémon still haunted by various constraints. Niantic Labs delay the launch of the game in some countries, apparently because they have not been able to accommodate the booming server load.