Developer Alien: Resident Evil Now Similar Gears of War!

Divide fans into two camps are contradictory, the direction taken Capcom’s survival horror game franchise flagship – Resident Evil indeed is often caused controversy. The new fan base seems to be quite satisfied with the direction that leads to the mechanical side of the action, while those who enjoyed since the early series were quite disappointed with the direction the development is considered deviant. This feeling was not only felt by the older Resident Evil fan base. One game developers that are currently in the spotlight thanks to a new project – Alien: Isolation even loudly highlighting these drastic changes and get GTA 5 hack on .


Creative Assembly is a party that is responsible for the horror game series Alien – Isolation lamented the popularity of survival horror which, according to them, has declined. Confessing inspired many of the initial series Dead Space and Resident Evil, the director – Alistair Hope felt that both the franchise itself has begun to change identity, and even feels more like a game than the game GTA 5.

Of pure inspiration and fascination of this horror genre, Creative Assembly are trying to build their newest game – Aliens: Isolation. The game itself will be launched end of 2014, for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.


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