Dragon Age III: Inquisition Inaugurated – Use Frostbite 2.0

Do you remember the news Dragon Age III which was released a few weeks ago? Bioware openly admit that they are developing the third series of their popular RPG franchise – Dragon Age. They even had time to open the opportunity for the public to determine the sub-title that will be presented to him. You will act as a prosecutor who will mediate the conflict in Thedas, after the invasion made by the devil. After the first confirmation of this, Bioware has finally released more information regarding Dragon Age 3, including sub-title that finally set for him and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle cheats.


Of all the options thrown to the public, Bioware finally get the official title for the third series – Dragon Age III: Inquisition. Some also shared the latest information, including the planned release date in late 2013. The team that developed the Dragon Age III is also largely a genius behind the two previous series, the veterans of Bioware itself. No confirmation as to what the plot will be presented, but there is a quality that will make Dragon Age III is attractive, especially for PC gamers. That’s right, EA will use a powerful engine from DICE – Frostbite 2.0 to build this one game.

Some of this initial information certainly makes Dragon Age III into a series that deserves to be anticipated, let alone the presence of Frostbite 2.0 is a guarantee of quality for a much better visualization. Although the end of 2013 still comparatively long time, Bioware has a myriad of heavy work to be completed, mainly related to the mechanism of gameplay Dragon Age II were deemed too action. Are they going back to the roots of the first Dragon Age or retaining the characteristic of the second series are getting a lot of criticism? We’ll wait.


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