Listen First Gameplay Trailer Warz

Do you still remember with Warz? Do not let one associate with a zombie-apocalypse simulator game built from the engine Arma II – Dayz. Although both are present with the theme and concept of the game is almost the same, Warz is a separate game developed by Arktos Entertainment and Hammerpoint Interactive. He will be developed as a first MMO game that underlies the concept of zombie survival as the main attraction. After being released a few screenshots in the initial introduction, gamers finally have the opportunity to get a clearer picture on this one game. The first gameplay trailer Warz finally released and visit  hill climb racing hack.


Unfortunately, this trailer does not quite provide the information required gamers to “assess” Warz overall. Video duration of seven minutes this should be regarded fail to offer a strong first impression. Why? Because, basically, this trailer shows only the surface of Warz itself, exposing the visualization, user-interface has to offer, to the environment that you will encounter. The rest? You will be confronted with standard FPS gameplay that can not even be described, adrenaline. But keep in mind, Warz had just entered the early stages of development and still holds myriad potential that deserves to be anticipated in the future.
Unfortunately, this video does not show gameplay is strong enough to leave an interesting first impression.

As a title game that is paired with the phenomenon – Dayz, Warz admittedly not able to show a strong impression in this first gameplay trailer. He failed to show the main charm offered by Dayz itself, where the interaction between the players is much more interesting than this against the zombies. However, with the ongoing development process, it is still too early to conclude and give a final assessment on this one game. On the other hand, Bohemia are now also seeking to create a separate game for Dayz. Competition is increasingly interesting to observe.


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