Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy : Clash of Clans

The Lava Hound is one of the biggest units in Clash of Clans (alongside the Golem), taking up 30 lodging spaces in Army Camps and the Clan Castle. Luckily, the Lava Hound is somewhat less expensive than the Golem, running just 390 Dark Elixir at level 1 and 510 Dark Elixir at level 3.

In this manual for the Lava Hound in Clash of Clans gem generator, we will cover unit details, preparing and investigate costs, redesign levels, and procedures for utilizing this unit further bolstering your good fortune.

The Lava Hound is the main genuine air tanking unit in Clash of Clans. It does practically no harm, however has a lot of wellbeing and stops itself over top of an adversary’s Air Defense towers. Consider a Lava Hound versus a foe level 7 Air Defense tower. While this abnormal state tower does enormous a monstrous 280 harm for each second, the Lava Hound has 5,700 wellbeing at level 1. It will take this Air Defense tower a little more than 20 seconds to take out the Lava Hound.


While the Lava Hound is diverting the rival with its high wellbeing pool, players can surge in with high harm (per lodging cost) units like Minions or Balloons. The Lava Hound likewise has the upside of getting out traps so that your Minions don’t get hit via Air Bombs.

Upon death, the Lava Hound parts into various “Magma Pups”. These are light flying air units like Minions. The Lava Pups will then assault the closest target. The Lava Hound itself does not bargain any harm upon death (dissimilar to the Golem).

CoC Lava Hound Strategy

As said over, the Lava Hound is intended to be a flying tank. Its extensive wellbeing (much higher than the Golem’s) is intended to douse up harm from Air Defense towers to allow your other flying units to arrangement harm. The main issue with the Lava Hound is that it takes up a lot of lodging space; on the off chance that you assemble too much, you won’t have enough units accessible to do the harm you have to keeping in mind the end goal to have a fruitful strike.

Because of the Lava Hound requiring a level 6 Dark Barracks and having a generally high Dark Elixir cost, the Lava Hound is not a unit commonly utilized by generally players. While it requires Town Hall 9, just late TH9 players and fundamentally TH10 players are liable to utilize the Lava Hound with any normality. More up to date TH9s will probably locate their Dark Elixir better spent on updating through their initial saint levels. New TH9s will likewise likely need to invest some energy updating Minions, Balloons, or Dragons to an abnormal state also; Lava Hounds are just comparable to the harm managing units backing them up.

Magma Hounds in War Battles and Trophy Pushing

Magma Hounds are a strong distinct option for Golem-based armed forces for abnormal state trophy cultivating or War fights. They can be utilized to bring down high TH9 and TH10 players, renewing a percentage of the air-based armed forces which generally lost adequacy as players started to maximize their bases and get Inferno Towers.

There are different blends of units that can be utilized with the Lava Hound. In the event that numerous (2-3) Lava Hounds are utilized, they will have the capacity to douse up foe tower fire for very much quite a while. In the wake of dropping a couple Lava Hounds, take after with an influx of Minions, Balloons, Dragons, or some blend of the three.

Utilizing Rage Spells after introductory organization is vital to the achievement of this system. The Lava Hounds won’t live perpetually and arrangement next to no harm, so it is essential to clear however much of the adversary’s base as could be expected while the Lava Hounds are still alive.

Freeze Spells work awesome with the Lava Hound, especially if the adversary has Inferno Towers set to single target. You can’t permit a solitary target Inferno Tower to focus on a high-wellbeing Lava Hound; that will work out inadequately for you. Utilize a Freeze Spell to intrude on the Inferno Tower until your different units can come in and complete the occupation click here to get coc gem generator fo freeĀ  .

A Lightning Spell is likewise greatly valuable to combine with Lava Hound and air-based armed forces. At the point when the Lava Hound triggers the Clan Castle, the most hazardous units that can spill out of the Clan Castle are Wizards. Adversary Wizards do gigantic DPS, and if 6 or 7 Wizards spill out of the Clan Castle, they will bring down your Lava Hounds in a matter of seconds. Utilize a LIghtning Spell to wipe the Wizards out.

Air armed forces for the most part don’t play well with legends, however saints can be conveyed deliberately after the air assault to push you over the edge on a nearby clear. You might wind up with a 45% clear or the Town Hall still alive. Putting your legends keenly can permit you to get up to a half clear or to grab the Town Hall.

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