Steam Machine version of Alienware Ready to Roll September

A gaming ecosystem are qualified, this seems to be a dream when Valve announced trilogy their spearhead to enter the hardware market: Steam Machine, Steam OS, and of course – Steam Controller.

This revolutionary concept continues to gain tremendous support from various parties, including PC manufacturers who are given the opportunity by Valve openly by Valve, to take part. The result? More than 14 giant manufacturers introduce their Steam Machine respectively, with the design, performance, and price range which of course, vary. But of all these producers, one of the most popular manufacturers – Alienware became the most mysterious. Besides introducing Steam Machine design their shape, almost no information that could be drawn from the name of this one.
Being one of the most mysterious Steam Machine, Alienware finally share a bit of information related to their products. Release is planned for September 2014, he will also be strengthened combination and get roblox hack you can Go to .


Luckily, Valve’s Dev Days event that was organized to give a little insight about the design of Alienware’s Steam Machine. In a presentation, Alienware Steam Machine finally confirmed that their version will be ready in September 2014. The price alone will be offered on a competitive basis with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, about USD 500. There are no detailed specification that is informed, in addition to the combination of NVIDIA graphics and Intel CPU as its core strength, of course dengna custom motherboard from Alienware.

So for you who are more interested in buying Steam Machine from Alienware, make sure you save in advance until September 2014. Interested?


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