EA to introduce 6 new games on E3 2014 including Madden Mobile

One of the biggest publishers in the gaming industry, this one sentence does not seem to be worthy of being earned by Electronic Arts. Apart from the various criticisms and hate that arise from the acquisition of leading developers of the past which is potentially deadly franchise, Madden Mobile EA still must be recognized is one publisher who diligently gave birth to a decent quality game series to anticipate. With the big developers under their care, consistent EA triggered a huge wave of enthusiasm when performing on the main stage of E3 event, every year. In 2014 this will not be much different.


Certainty appear on the main stage is already sliding for a long time. However, the question now is of course directed to one thing: What will EA prepare to ensure the attention of the gamer who continues to go? According to Geoff Keighley of Spike TV, the responsibility will be borne by 6 new games.

Most likely this event will contain more details regarding other EA ambitious projects such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Sims 4, Madden Mobile coin hack , and of course – Mirror’s Edge 2. The introduction of this new game will also include a new project and a mysterious IP Which is still in the development process, all of which will go into a special event titled “EA World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview”.

What about you? Of all the EA projects under development, which games do you most anticipate?

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