Pokémon Go is the Great Achievement in World Augmented Reality

Go Pokémon has become a meme. The game, which will make exploring the real world to hunt Pokémon, Pokémon appear to have been present in places that do not deserve (although it was difficult to ensure the correctness of this information).

The existence of people who find Pokémon in a variety of places that reinforces the popularity of this game, all thanks to the presence of Pokémon in the real world through the smartphone’s camera and get pokemon go pokeball free.


However, the greatest significance of Pokémon Go is a possibility that the game is the application of Augmented Reality (AR) popular throughout history, and make AR becoming a mainstream technology.

But wait, is not through Snapchat Snapchat popularized AR Lens? Sure, but Snapchat Lens is a feature, not the foundation of the application. And is not Ingress, AR-based games more, released before the Pokémon Go? Yes, but the game was never as popular as Pokémon Go.

According to data from app analytics firm App Annie, Ingress just never entered into the list of 50 most popular apps on iOS before thrown out afterwards. On the other hand, Pokémon Go into the application number one in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand in just a few days after the official release.

This was not a fluke. Both Ingress and Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic Labs which was once a part of Google. Experience they have gained while developing Ingress definitely been transferred to make subsequent works. Pokémon itself is a cultural phenomenon and a very famous brand thus help support the popularity of Pokémon Go.
Still have a long way

Go Pokémon still haunted by various constraints. Niantic Labs delay the launch of the game in some countries, apparently because they have not been able to accommodate the booming server load.


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