Sega Announces Football Manager 2013

Football Manager 2013, one simulation game management soccer team popular that must already quite long awaited reportedly by football lovers finally announced, Sega, publisher of the game, eventually provide some initial information related to the game being developed by Sports Interactive them.


Sega promises many changes will be present for the game. One of the fundamental changes that are presented olwh Sega and Sports Interactive are changes to the look matches in 3D. 3D display used in the last few years this will be replaced with a new look, which is more riveting than the previous display. In addition, there are also some other changes such as the addition of the type of coach that can be used to help the development of players and also different kinds of new exercises that can be served by the player and visit madden mobile hack.

One new mode, Football Manager classID (FMC), also introduced by Sega. The mode is intended for Football Manager fans who felt that the gameplay that carried far too time-consuming. FMC will answer that by presenting the experience of playing Football Manager is more compact and can be completed in a short time. According to Sega, FMC will cut the time to play one of the football season to only 8 to 10 hours.

According to the plan, Football Manager 2013 will be available on the PC platform based on Windows and Mac before the end of the year holiday period. Unfortunately, Sega still not give an exact date related to the launch of the game.


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