The Sims 4 Will Be More Light Than The Sims 3

If we are talking about one game franchise netted countless fans of diverse groups of gamers and gender, then the big names The Sims certainly deserves to be juxtaposed in it. Simulating real life with addictive gameplay mechanics, The Sims grow up to be the best money barn EA, with the presence of each series that always end with success. Not only the original series, but also a myriad of expansion packs with different themes that came a few months later. Not surprisingly, many gamers were anticipating the presence of the new series – The Sims 4 that has been introduced by EA at Gamescom 2013 that last event. A series that will be far more friendly to gamers who have to live with low-end PC and you can visit .


Most of you who saw the trailer premiere of The Sims 4 is certainly aware that the level of visualization offered did not experience a significant increase when compared to The Sims 3. Apart from adding new gameplay features that emphasize more on the emotional side, The Sims 4 still present with a subtle quality cartoon graphics. What actually underlies this decision? What was revealed by the developer – Maxis apparently enough to give you peace of its own.
To facilitate the needs of gamers en masse lovers The Sims, Maxis confirms that The Sims 4 will require a lower specification PCs dibandingkna The Sims 3. Players with Low-End PC will be able to run with ease.

Ryan Vaughn – producer of The Sims 4 states that The Sims 4 will be a series that is much more friendly to gamers who only has a PC with lower specifications. The Sims 4 will require a lower specification compared to The Sims 3, but with a better claims experience. Vaughn explains that Maxis to understand that not all gamers have a PC with strong capability, therefore they strive to ensure optimization they are doing today will achieve its main objectives. Maxis will try to produce a visualization that is as good, shorten loading times, and still fun regardless of PC specifications like anything you have. The Sims 4 itself will be launched for PC and Mac in 2014.

What about your own opinion, especially for those who really love The Sims series so far? Which do you want, an increase in better visualization of The Sims 3 or The Sims 4 engine optimization or even like this?


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