Unique Gameplay Rovio Indicate Bad Piggies

With only a few series of Angry Birds, Rovio successfully grown to be one of the largest mobile game developer in the world. Popularity of the angry birds have been brought Rovio earned a remarkable position in the gaming industry without any sign of stopping in the near future. They will instead expand the Angry Birds world by releasing a series of new games – Bad Piggies. Unlike the previous series, this time gamers will play as the green pigs who has always positioned to be a “victim”. You will now be involved in the mission of “holy” stealing the eggs of birds. Then, gameplay like what is offered?


Worry if you will again find catapult this latest game in the series? Relax, Bad Piggies will appear as a different game, and even tends contrasted than Angry Birds itself. If the concept of Angry Birds is how to destroy effectively, Bad Piggies will require you to build and run it well. Absolutely, you will help the pigs steal eggs by building the best vehicle for them, from walking on land to the air though. Some parts will be provided to help you realize your wildest creativity this and get nba live mobile hack.

Bad Piggies itself will be Released on September 27, 2012 for iOS and Android devices, Windows Phone and PC follow thereafter. Not only make it as a mere spin-off series, Rovio also express their commitment that Bad Piggies will be able to stand on its own and grow as the mainstay of their new franchise. With different gameplay comparatively attractive, Bad Piggies is a potentially attractive back casual gaming market is still wide open. Interested to try it?


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